How To Aid Sleep: 3 Quick Tips To Creating A Tranquil Bedtime Routine

How To Aid Sleep:  3 Quick Tips To Creating A Tranquil Bedtime Routine

Bedtime can be one of the loudest, noisiest, and most rambunctious times of the day… However true this may be, by making a conscious effort to unwind prior to going to bed, anyone can enjoy a more peaceful and relaxing sleep pattern. By keeping noise to minimum, lowering the temperature of the room in which you sleep, as well as guaranteeing that the bed you sleep in is comfortable, powerful signals can be sent to the brain, signifying that the day has come to a close and it’s time to “recharge”. This article aims to cover these techniques in greater detail and provide practical, proven solutions to those who wish to create a more tranquil bedtime routine. How To Aid Sleep: Keep Noise To A Minimum Loud noises, such as family members within the house, traffic, noisy neighbors, and even barking dogs can be a tremendous distraction when trying to get the sleep you so desperately need. Try masking these overbearing sounds with soothing sound recordings, a circular fan, or even “white” noise. All of these methods have been proven effective in these sorts of situations, especially when combined with other techniques, like setting your stereo between stations or better yet, simply wearing earplugs. While noise reduction is extremely helpful in creating a tranquil bedtime routine, lowering the temperature within your bedroom can also be effective. How To Aid Sleep: Lower The Temperature Keeping your room cool is a great method to guarantee and ensure a tranquil bedtime routine. Seeing as the temperature of your room affects your sleep patterns, the standard temperature of a room at any given time should be 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius. Proper ventilation is also recommended to ensure that a bedroom isn’t too hot or too cold, which can greatly offset the quality of sleep experienced throughout the night. Although lowering the temperature of a room is beneficial to creating a tranquil bedtime routine, ensuring comfort is just as important. How To Aid Sleep: Are You Comfortable? Are you comfortable? This is the most important question to ask, and truthfully, one of the most key factors to establishing a tranquil bedtime routine. Be sure that your bed provides enough space to stretch and rotate comfortably. Many times when you awake with sore muscles or tense back muscles, it’s simply a sign that the time has come to invest in a better quality mattress. Purchasing a new mattress doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply experiment with various types of mattresses until you locate the perfect “fit”. Everyone has a different preference in regards to mattress firmness, however, egg crate toppers and foam, combined with the use of plush pillows, tend to provide the most support and comfort. Eliminating noise and creating the perfect atmosphere for sleep can truly be a challenge. Most people choose rather to endure these conditions rather than address them. By doing so, many individuals lose precious hours of sleep and relaxation, which often leads to sleep deprivation the following day. However, by implementing a few simple strategies early and often, such as creating a comfortable sleeping environment, lowering room temperature, and even reducing and eliminating noise, a tranquil bedtime routine and pattern can be established.

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