Natural Sleep Remedies

Natural Sleep Remedies

Natural Sleep Remedies You Can Use

When we encounter sleep problems, we may not immediately turn to natural sleep remedies but to what the doctor prescribes us. I think when it comes to anything and everything that involves our health and comfort, we have to keep it as natural as we can.

Sleeping is a natural act that our body needs. This is the time our body replenishes the energy we lost when we are awake. However, there are times that something disrupts its natural routine or something prevents us from getting a good quality slumber.

We encounter problems such as insomnia, snoring and sleep apnea. These problems all have distinctive qualities but they can all hinder the complete restoration of our energy level.

Sleep apnea is a condition wherein our breathing process is disrupted due to breathing pauses that can last for a few seconds. Snoring, on the other hand, do not only affect the person suffering from this problem but also their bed partners who are disturbed by the sound snoring can create. Insomnia hinders the person affected from either sustaining blissful slumber or inducing slumber.

I am sure you are aware of the effects lack of rest can do to the body. You cannot function well in the day due to these problems. Lack of concentration can cost you your work or your relationship with other people.

Natural Sleep Remedies

I encourage people to use natural sleep remedies. Compared to prescription medications, this is still the safer bet. I personally do not like the idea of being drugged in order to fall into slumber.

First, try to make your room as snooze inducing as possible. Make sure the temperature is just right. Make sure you have comfortable bed gears such as your clothes or the sheets or your pillows.

Do your own rituals such as creating a relaxing ambiance with the use of aromatherapy oils. You can play a soothing music or read a novel.

If your problem is caused by sleep apnea or snoring, try to address its underlying cause. Most of the time this is caused by being overweight. So try losing some pounds and you can gain more than a modicum of rest.

If it is insomnia, then try not to do the things that cause insomnia. Cut back on caffeine. Follow a semi-strict sleep pattern.

You can also use these herbal remedies:
1. Valerian
There have been many studies conducted to test its efficacy. The results are very pleasing. In fact, scientists say this is even better than anti-anxiety drugs sans the side effects.

2. St. John’s Wort
This is originally used for treating behavioral disorders. But due to its good effects on our serotonin and melatonin level, this can also induce sleep.

3. Passion Flower
Together with another herb called Hops, this botanical cure can encourage slumber.

4. Chamomile
Try drinking this in tea form right before bed time and you will be amazed of its relaxing qualities.

Another natural remedy you can use is a product called Serenite Plus. This is made up of natural ingredients such as Passion Flower, oats, skullcap and biochemic tissue salts to help achieve optimum results without the risk of side effects.

Serenite Plus has been proven effective by experts and consumers alike to induce sleep better than any prescription drugs. It also soothes the nerves to reduce anxiety and apprehension. With the help of this product, you can replenish your energy without a hitch.

Natural Sleep Remedies can work for you too if you try it. It is not a good idea to suffer through this problem without seeking any kind of help. Do something about it and you can save yourself from possible health complications.

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